2019 [out]spoken

/ˌoutˈspōkən/   adjective.   direct and open in speech or expression.

TEDxYouth@Austin [out]spoken

It was February 9, 2019, when over 300 eager people attended the 7th annual TEDxYouth@Austin event, held in the Austin Public Library Special Events Center. In preparation for this innovative full-day event, more than 60 volunteers worked year round as ambassadors, team members, and mentors. Featuring a total of 11 speakers and peformers, as well as a collection of exhibits known as xLabs, the 2019 event preserved our original ambiance in a fresh, more central location.

And who better to help the audience explore these ideas than our youth team leads, Aarushi Machavarapu in Logistics and Katie Kearney in Communications. The two, along with the guidance of five mentors headed by Carol Reese, set out to create an event that highlights thought-provoking ideas that represent and display a direct and honest attitude towards expression.

We had an incredible line up of speakers and performers: Zach Horvath, Rohit Srinivasan, Amy Stansbury, Sean Gulick, Sara Bawany, Lesley Ryan, Noah Levine, Judith Knotts, Texas Mohini, and Diego Corzo. And to complement, we had outstanding assortment of xLabs, including drones, a scavenger hunt, painting, and robotics.

We fed our curiosity, learned to connect, and joined a community enriched with diverse roots and brilliant ideas. We engaged each other through ideas worth spreading in order to consider the future we each want to create. We discovered that we are often far more capable of honest discussion than we believe—we can be truly [out]spoken.