2017 common threads

/kom-uh n/ /threds/   idiom.   we really are all connected by common threads

TEDxYouth@Austin common threads

February 11, 2017, at the Westlake High School Auditorium with 1000+ people in attendance, marked the 5th installment of TEDxYouth@Austin. Committed to ideas worth spreading through the young people of ATX and beyond, 60+ volunteers worked year round to organize this one-day event featuring 11 inspiring speakers and performers and an array of innovational exhibits in the interactive xLabs and xPeriences portions. The year's theme was Common Threads, in a time of extensive division it's even more important to celebrate what brings us all together.

And who better to help the audience explore these ideas than youth co-licensee, Selina Eshraghi and project manager, Matthew Kearney. The two, along with the guidance of mentors, Carol Reese and Nancy Giordano, set out to create an event that highlights interesting and provoking ideas that will break down the barriers that divide us.

We had an incredible line up of speakers and performers: Josef Kristofeletti, Alan Graham, Shepherd Allen, Paula Poindexter, Roberto Segovia, Lili Blessing, Benjamin Durham, Ricardo Palomares, Invoke, Andrzej Stewart, and Brooklyn Decker. And to complement, we had outstanding assortment of xPeriences, some of which included dancing, chemistry, drones, and poetry writing.

We fed our curiosity, learned to connect, and joined a community enriched with diverse roots and brilliant ideas. We engaged each other through ideas worth spreading to consider the future we each want to create. We are more connected than we imagine and really do all have Common Threads.