2014 re:solve

/rəˈzälv/   noun.   firm determination to do something.

TEDxYouth@Austin re:solve

February 16, 2014, TEDxYouth@Austin returned as veterans, resolved from the lessons they learned last year, to put on the 2nd installment of TEDxYouth@Austin. Committed to ideas worth spreading, a dedicated youth-led, adult-mentored team of 50+ individuals worked non-stop to organize this one-day event featuring captivating speakers and an array of innovational exhibits in the interactive XLabs portion. The year’s theme was Re:Solve, discovering the beauty in the process of amending.

To guide this journey were youth team leads, Louis Lafair, Richmond Dewan and Mehraz Raman, along with adult mentors, Carol Reese and Nancy Giordano. Together the four set out to create an experience to let the audience explore the meaning of determination and intent.

We had an incredible line up of speakers and performers: Joseph Asfouri, Chris Kocek, Ashley May, Garret Weber, Joaquin Zihuatanejo, Michael McDaniel, Brandi Burton Clarke, Ruby Jane, Lizzie Valasquez, Jia Jiang, and LimitLess Dance Group