2013 limitless

/ˈlimitləs/   adjective.   without end, limit, or boundary.

TEDxYouth@Austin limitless

Ah, the good ole days . . . Limitless was our Once Upon a Time! 2013 was a year of fresh beginnings, pure endeavor, and to put it simply, no limits.

And there was no doubt that there were no limits for Louis Lafair, the first youth co-licensee of TEDxYouth@Austin . . . and no limits for his adult mentors and partners in crime, Carol Reese and Nancy Giordano. The three set off to create the one of the first TEDxYouth events in the whole world, here in the ever-evolving, unique town of Austin, Texas.

We had a bright line up of speakers: Chris Kocek, Shree Bose, Ashley May, Garrett Weber, Joaquin Zihuatanejo, Everest Maher, Dillon Samra, Michael McDaniel, Peter Stone, Brandi Clark Burton, Ruby Jane, Jia Jiang, and last but not least, Lizzie Valasquez. And to complement, we had outstanding performers such as Joseph Asfouri, Premire and Final Cut, and dancers Cohen Lewis-Hill, Chihiro Hasegawa, Ashlyn Eddy, Chris Peng, Larkin Wynn, and Martha Torres as choreographed by Conor Donnelly for our event.